Michelle Reis and son

It's been a month since pretty mama Michelle Reis gave to her son Jayden Max Hui (nicknamed 'Little JM').

It was Jayden's one-month anniversary on March 8. To celebrate the occasion, Michelle revealed a picture she took with her son on her microblog and let on that Little JM's Chinese name has been chosen by her husband Julian Hui.

The couple is currently waiting for Julian's father to approve of the name and Michelle promised to reveal the name once it was confirmed.

Michelle added that she arranged for her and Jayden to have their first hair cut together, when the boy turned one month old. She even kept a handful of her baby's hair as a souvenir.

As Jayden's appearance tends to change with each passing day, the actress placed cameras around the house to capture his moments easily.

In other related reports, Michelle and Julian have decided to hold a banquet when their son turns 100 days old. The couple will be inviting their relatives and friends and have plans to set up a foundation.

The proceeds from the JMJ Foundation will go into education for children in China.

Michelle Reis and son

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