Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu

It's a top-secret wedding affair for friends and family of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei.

The couple will be holding their wedding tomorrow at Hainan Island, China. Previously, it was rumoured that Xiaofei had spent millions of dollars on the wedding; but the rumours have been debunked.

Instead, they hope to have a mysterious wedding and apparently only 200 guests were invited.

Reporters noticed that the hotel, where the wedding would be held, was strictly guarded and guests would have to show their invitations to enter.

Bridesmaid Aya also commented that she does not know how her dress looks like, adding humorously, "I believe Barbie wouldn't let us wear turtleneck dresses."

On Mar 20, Barbie sent the media text messages, expressing her desire for a low-profile wedding.

"Please understand that we wish to have a cozy wedding, so we did not invite you [the media]. Please also consider your colleagues' safety. Use the company resources on something more meaningful. Thank you for your concern," Barbie said.

Furthermore, it was reported that recording devices and handphones will not be allowed in the wedding venue, for fear of the photos being uploaded online. The ban was said to have upset Barbie's aunt.

To that, Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan admitted to having the arrangement and said, "We want the wedding to be a simple affair, and do not wish for our relatives to be revealed to the public."

The older woman added that friends and relatives would understand the need for the arrangement.

Previous reports also stated that Barbie was feeling unwell, due to the stress from the wedding preparations. Zhang Lan took the chance to clarify that her daughter-in-law is feeling much better now, and will be marrying off happily.