Sharon Au

In 2005, local host Sharon Au gave up her promising TV career to enrol in Waseda University's School of International Liberal Studies in Tokyo, Japan. Sharon then participated in an exchange programme in France, where she studied French and law.

Sharon finally graduated last month, after almost six years of studies.

She returned to MediaCorp on Apr 1 to fulfill a six-year bond. Currently, Sharon is a strategy manager and her job scope entails developing new business for MediaCorp locally and internationally.

Decked in office wear and a pair of black-rimmed specs, Sharon shared her thoughts on starting work in MediaCorp at an interview with xinmsn yesterday.

"I've been attending meetings, reading reports. Look, [my] hair's so messy," Sharon laughed.

The former host revealed that her new duties were decided after discussions with the company. Sharon previously took modules, such as business development and entrepreneurship in university, which are related to her job.

After spending almost six years abroad, Sharon admitted that she is still not used to life in Singapore. She stated helplessly that she had more freedom when she was in Tokyo. Now, Sharon chooses to stay at home to avoid being recognised.

Sharon Au