Michelle Yeoh

Calling it "an incredible love story" and "like a role that's been waiting for me", the actress had no concerns about playing the role of a living icon despite the huge responsibility that's tagged to it.

"I finished with filming and we hope that it'll be out in October. In fact, it's almost not a movie anymore. It's about an iconic woman heroine of our times, a truly legendary figure and her cause for the people of Burma."

"The sense of responsibility for this one is a lot higher [as] everybody knows who she is and what she represents. You feel a great sense of empathy towards that but at the same time you want to ensure that all the people who have supported her continue to support her."

So, does she see any similarities between Aung San Suu Kyi and herself?

"(Laughs) I would never dare to compare!"

Watch video interview here.