Barbie Hsu

After Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu came under the fire for her extravagant wedding with Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei, she shut down her microblogging account.

Recently, the actress returned to Weibo, posting a new entry and even allowed netizens to leave comments.

"When all the good things happened to you, you will feel guilty and uneasy; thinking 'How is it possible?' However, a good thing has happened to a monster like me," Barbie wrote.

Barbie expressed her "embarrassment", and said that "other than being grateful, I can only accept it graciously, without complaints and excuses. God will reward you."

Her blissful words fuelled speculations that the actress might be pregnant.

When interviewed, Barbie's mother said that it was still "early for Barbie to be having children", but added that Barbie and Xiaofei went on a honeymoon "for this purpose".

Barbie's mother-in-law Zhang Lan also requested the media not to chide her and Barbie anymore. The older woman also denied that she and Barbie were at loggerheads.