Kenny Bee

Earlier this month, Hong Kong singer Kenny Bee's long-time girlfriend Fan Jiang Su Zhen was involved in a quarrel with actress Teresa Cheung's younger sister Cheung Xiao Wan. Fan Jiang was arrested after she threw the latter's handphone on the ground.

It was speculated that the fight started because Xiao Wan chided Fan Jiang for "stealing people's husband" and suspected that she abused Kenny and Teresa's daughter Chloe.

Recently, it was reported that Teresa, who lives in New York, USA, returned to Hong Kong and had lodged a police report, accusing Fan Jiang for abusing her daughter. On Apr 20, the police confirmed that it is an on-going case.

Commenting on Teresa's claim that Fan Jiang abused Chloe, Kenny expressed agitatedly, "We all have eyes. Chloe's not a child anymore, she's already 16. Let it go, don't be obsessed anymore. I'm living happily with my family. Find a good man soon and everyone [will] be happy."

The singer also thanked Fan Jiang for her support all throughout the years.

Chloe Bee

At 4pm the same day, reporters spotted Chloe who was just returning from school.

"I've not been attacked," the girl confirmed.

She also revealed that she had spoken to a social worker previously. However, Chloe would not step forward to stop her mother's actions.

It is believed that Teresa returned to Hong Kong in a bid to help her daughter, but her help was not appreciated. At 10 pm on Apr 20, the actress was seen at the airport, ready to leave for the States.