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Pan Ling Ling and Terence Cao

Good things come to those who wait and persevere, and in this case for both Terence Cao and Pan Ling Ling, who have finally bagged their first acting award after being in showbiz for more than two decades.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Pan Ling Ling started to tear onstage as she gave her thank you speech. Her eyes were just as watery in the backstage interview she gave xinmsn later on and admitted that the thought of receiving an award always seemed like "a faraway dream" to her.

Elated at bagging her first acting trophy since entering showbiz 25 years ago, the veteran actress joked about how her kids would tease her about her absence onstage even after so many years of nomination.

"My son wanted to come and watch tonight's show but I didn't allow him to do so because he has an oral exam tomorrow!" she laughed.

Pan Ling Ling

Tears of joy for Pan Ling Ling who bagged her first acting award in two decades

She gave a special thank you speech to a bunch of four girlfriends (Aileen Tan, Zoe Tay, Joey Swee, and ex-MediaCorp artiste, Liang Ya Yu) whom she holds close and dear to heart.

"They have always been so supportive of me! Zoe would even call me after each episode of Breakout and tell me how well I performed," the mother-of-two recounted.