Text, Photos & Videos: xinmsn entertainment team

Dai Yang Tian

Everyone, especially fans of Dai Yang Tian waited with bated breath as the last name of Top 10 Most Male Artistes was being read out. Alas, it wasn't a good night for the Star Awards 2010 Media Darling Award winner.

Instead, veteran actor Huang Wen Yong went against all odds and emerged the night's shocking addition to the pool of Top 10 Male Artistes.

"Winning this award is not easy. I've waited for so many years!" Wen Yong lamented in jest, "I thought I'll sit back, enjoy the show then go home but when my name was announced, I was so shock that I forgot about going on stage!"

Unable to contain his excitement, Wen Yong was quick to brush off questions about his shocking win which caused Dai Yang Tian's misfortune.

Huang Wen Yong

Even though it was made clear by the award presenters that the 10 winners' names were read out in a random order, Wen Yong, whose name was the third to be called, thinks otherwise.

"It's a pity that Dai Yang Tian didn't win and to be able to beat him is an honour," he told xinmsn, and added, "But the truth is, Dennis [Chew] was the one who kicked him out because his name was the last to be called!"

When asked if he wore any lucky charm to help boost his winning chances, Wen Yong replied: "I refuse to wear red underwear like some people. In fact I'm not wearing any!" (Laughs)