Sheren Tang

Hong Kong broadcast station TVB is facing a huge loss of talents these days.

The station's leading men and ladies such as Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, and even Sammul Chan have all expressed that they will leave TVB once their contracts end and focus on China's showbiz instead.

During a recent interview with the Chinese media, actress Sheren Tang commented on the difference between filming a drama in China and Hong Kong. She also spoke on TVB's loss of talents, and why Hong Kong actors are heading to China.

Sheren expressed that it was inaccurate for Hong Kong media to report that the artistes "(went) to China for the money."

The actress said that the advantages of making a drama in China included having great outdoor shoots, more room to express themselves artistically and having many different roles to choose from.

Sheren added that TVB constantly lacks budget, creativity and passion and is too commercialized.

"Shooting in Hong Kong also takes up a lot of time. When it's over, it feels like you've been wrenched dry," she said.

Sheren then said that it was hard work at TVB, as actors don't get enough rest. The actress also claimed that the reason talents left the company was because of the low wages. The highest payout for an episode with TVB is HK$30,000 (S$4700).

Sheren added, "I once joked that TVB had been giving you awards, yet you want an increment? Are they fools?" Shereen was TVB's Best Actress for 2009 and 2010.

Commenting on the rumours of her rejecting a TVB series to film a drama in China, Sheren emphasised that she had never rejected any script and hopes that things will be better once a new boss takes over TVB.