Jenny Tseng and Alexander Fu

Who is the father of veteran singer Jenny Tseng's daughter Melody?

Jenny had never officially talked about the issue; neither did the singer cleared up the media's speculation. Until recently, the identity of Melody's father had always remained a mystery.

In a previous interview, when Jenny was asked to comment on her life without her husband Alexander Fu Sheng, she was quoted saying, "After I married Alexander, I suffered four miscarriages. The last time caused me to be bedridden for five months. We went through various checkups, just so I could conceive. When my husband suddenly passed away, I really felt like dying. I needed a child, especially a daughter, badly. I feel grateful when I finally got my wish. It was because of her (Melody) that I had the courage to live on for the past 18 years."

On May 11, veteran Taiwanese singer Jessica Chen, who is also Jenny's best friend, suddenly revealed the truth about the identity of Melody's father.

"About 7 or 8 years ago, I asked Jenny who the child's father was. She said that the child is Alexander's! I was shocked and asked her if it's true, and she replied me, 'why would I lie to you?'" Jessica said.

Jessica's statement sounded dubious, because Alexander, a kungfu superstar, died in a car accident in July 7, 1983. However, Jenny gave birth to Melody in 1987.

"All martial arts film stars back in the days are worried that they might be rendered impotent from shooting accidents. That's why most of them have their sperm stored in hospitals. Alexander was one of them, which is how Melody was conceived," Jessica explained.

Doctors also confirmed that after 1980, the technology to cryogenically freeze sperms existed, and it was possible for Jenny to conceive four years after storage.

Jenny was unavailable for comment.

However, Jenny's second elder sister expressed, "Why are we discussing this again? How does Jessica know? I doubt my sister would tell. It's already ancient history. A good friend wouldn't tell."

Melody and Jenny Tseng