Cecilia Cheung & Edison Chen

In 2008, Hong Kong singer Edison Chen was involved in a sex photo scandal that shocked the Chinese showbiz. The singer became enemies with many actresses including Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung overnight.

Both Gillian and Cecilia's careers spiraled downhill after the photos surfaced, and there were rumours that Cecilia's marriage with actor Nicholas Tse was on the verge of breaking up.

During an interview in 2009, Cecilia even blasted Edison for "shedding crocodile tears" and let on that he had never personally apologised to any of the actresses involved in the scandal.

Three years after the incident, Cecilia had already given birth to second son Quintus; her career is also picking up since she made her return to showbiz. Former lover Edison has also become a successful businessman and is currently focusing on his expanding his fashion label.

The unexpected happened on May 8, when the two took the same flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong.

Apparently, Cecilia asked the air stewardess if she could sit next to Edison, when the pair met on the plane. The singer even offered her the window seat.

Edison and Cecilia were spotted talking and laughing throughout the journey. Cecilia also took out her phone to take pictures with Edison. The two were even said to have exchanged contact numbers, as if they had never fallen out with each other.

Cecilia was in Taiwan on May 7 to attend Taiwanese host Blackie Chen's wedding with singer Christine Fan, while Edison was in Taiwan on the same day to promote his latest fashion collaboration with singer Jay Chou.

It was after their accidental meet-up did the media start to speculate if it was pre-arranged. Edison was overheard saying he has "a flight to catch" earlier that day.

A rep from Edison's recording company confirmed that the singer had "met Cecilia on the same flight and they had interacted with each other".