Dee Hsu, Kevin Tsai and Li Ao

Dee Hsu who's known for her sharp tongue was decidedly toned down on her talk show Here Comes Kang Xi recently.

The Taiwanese host has a good reason to be.

She was coming face to face with veteran author Li Ao who had sued her for defamation. Dee had claimed that Li Ao was "secretly in love" with her sister, Barbie Hsu's mother-in-law Zhang Lan.

Luckily for her, Li Ao had gone on her talkshow instead of going to court. The case was supposed to have gone on trial on May 25.

On the show, Li Ao and Dee shook hands and reconciled.

During the recording of Here Comes Kang Xi, the usually confident and mischievous Dee looked stiff and nervous.

However, the sharp-tongued host did not miss out on the opportunity to tease Li Ao, saying that the 76-year-old author put her through all those trouble just so he could be on her show.

Li Ao then said that his dispute with Dee was provoked by 'evil' lawyers.

"Bad lawyers lied to Dee. They were the ones who instigated the lawsuit. I think we should first get rid of them!" he said.

Responding to the statement, Dee said that the mastermind behind the incident was actually "my mom".

Li Ao and Dee might have come to a compromise; but legally, both parties would still have to report to court.

The plaintiff Li Ao would have to declare the withdrawal of the lawsuit before the case is considered closed.

At press time, the Taiwanese court has yet to receive any written statement of withdrawal from Li Ao.

Dee Hsu and Li Ao