Isabella Leong

In 2008, former actress Isabella Leong dated Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li. A year later, she gave birth to Richard's eldest son, and then to a pair of twins in 2010.

Just when everyone thought Isabella was going to marry Richard, she suddenly announced her separation with Richard in February, putting an end to the much anticipated fairytale wedding.

Although Isabella and Richard went separate ways, she is still caring for her three sons.

After news of the couple's split was reported, Isabella was seen in Phoenix City, Arizona with her eldest son. Then, it was rumoured that she has expressed interest in returning to the Hong Kong showbiz.

On May 29, a reporter spotted Isabella at a country restaurant in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, decked in a pastel low-cut shirt and without any makeup.

Looking happy and relaxed, Isabella was accompanied by her mother, her mentor Jim Chim and his wife, and her best friend Coco Chiang and her boyfriend. However, there were no signs of her three children.

The reporter then went up to greet her. Isabella was very friendly and even allowed the reporter to photograph her.

When Isabella was asked if her children returned to Hong Kong with her and if she would bring them to visit their grandfather Li Ka-Shing, the former actress dodged the question, saying "it's time for dinner."

Isabella also gave the reporter an awkward smile when she was hounded to comment on Richard's latest rumour.

Jim eventually came to her rescue and told the reporter, "We haven't seen each other for a long time. Please give us some personal space. I'm sure Isabella will let you know, if there's any update."

Isabella Leong

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