Barbie Hsu & Wang Xiaofei

On June 6, the Chinese media shocked the public with a claim that Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei had cheated on Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu before their marriage.

Xiaofei's intimate text messages to Chinese model Angelin Lv were also revealed and published.

Dubbed China's Angelababy (a sexy Hong Kong model), Angelin is said to have a chest size of 33C and previously posed for a sexy photobook in Thailand before advancing her career in Hong Kong.

"Xiaofei, who likes to play mahjong, met Angelin last June. After their first meeting, the two had been going out for meals. Xiaofei even brought her to Lan Club (a club opened by Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan)," an insider provided.

Text messages between Xiaofei and Angelin clearly showed that the businessman was the one who took the initiative. He sent Angelin steamy messages such as "I'm on fire", "I miss you too," showing that the pair shared a relationship.

At that time, Xiaofei was already publicly dating Barbie, although it seemed that he had no intentions of ending his relationship with Angelin. Barbie and Xiaofei married about three months ago.

It was believed that Angelin posted photos of her romantic dinner with Xiaofei on her microblog after Barbie's relationship with Wang went public. However, the Taiwanese actress was said to have ordered someone to blackmail Angelin, forcing her to delete the pictures.

Dissatisfied with what Barbie did, Angelin left an update on her blog.

"A cat fell in love with a fish in living a cup. One day, the cup broke and the fish died. The cat finally understood that loving someone doesn't mean you need to be with them," she wrote.

When reporters phoned Angelin to confirm the rumour, the model answered without hesitation, "Ever since I met him last June, he would bring me to dine at Lan Club each time he's in Beijing."

However, Angelin said it was "inconvenient to discuss" more when asked if she had dated Xiaofei at expensive and private hotels.

Although Barbie has yet to comment on the issue, the actress's mother responded on her behalf, "There is no need to discuss about the past, especially when it's something small. They [Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei] will spend each and every day of their future happily. Barbie will not be unhappy over this."

The matriarch added that, "Barbie will not check Xiaofei's mobile phone. This is our family rule."