Cecilia Cheung

Is this the real reason for Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's split?

A recent rumour claimed that a rich Chinese businessman had wanted to buy a billion-dollar mansion in Hong Kong on March 8. While he was very satisfied with the place, the businessman wanted his girlfriend to make the final decision.

On March 15, the businessman's girlfriend appeared. She was none other than Cecilia Cheung. The actress apparently brought her eldest son Lucas, her brothers and their girlfriends along with her to view the place.

The businessman was not with them.

Cecilia reportedly left after asking for the price of the mansion.

The actress bought another mansion in the same area on Apr 27 under the name of Easy Jet Corporation, a company in which she owns 99% of the shares, and paid the deposit.

It was later rumoured that Cecilia took a loan from a finance company because she did not have enough money to pay off the rest of the house by July 11.

On the other hand, Nicholas's friends from the music industry said that the couple had reconciled and would call each other daily.

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