Nicholas Tse & Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung is pulling out all the stops to convince her husband to take her back.

According to a Hong Kong tabloid, Cecilia had been sending Nicholas many text messages, in a bid to save their relationship.

It is believed that although Cecilia had completed filming for her new movie Repeat I Love You, she has yet to have a proper talk with her husband. Nicholas is currently busy filming his upcoming movie Reversal War in Malaysia.

The actress was even said to have her eldest son Lucas record a touching video for his father. In the video clip, the child apparently pleaded with his father, "Don't be mad at Mum, please!"

Cecilia was rumoured to be flying over to Malaysia to reconcile with Nicholas. The actress had reportedly sped up her filming schedule and had put the imaging session for her new movie The Lion Roars 2 on hold. Instead, she would head straight for the shoot in July.

However it looks like her efforts may come to a naught. Nicholas has reportedly told his friends, "Don't worry, I won't let her come. She's no longer my woman!"

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