Dee Hsu

She might be good friends with Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, however Taiwanese host Dee Hsu refused to speak about the pair when she was asked to comment on their marital woes.

At a promotional event in Hong Kong yesterday, Dee declined to talk about her friends, despite indicating that she knew "the media wants to get information out of me".

"It is not my style to comment on my friends' problem. I just want you to know, you won't get anything out of me. Nicholas and Cecilia are good people. I really hope that they are fine," the host said earnestly.

Commenting on her brother-in-law Wang Xiaofei's recent text message scandal with Angelin Lv, a Chinese model, Dee expressed that her elder sister Barbie Hsu was troubled over the issue.

However, she revealed that the thing that bothered Barbie most was how the public had doubts about her marriage with Xiaofei. The Taiwanese actress also told her sister that she did not understand why her marriage was always making headlines.

Dee said she had comforted Barbie on many occasions, and even joked with her sister that only famous people are newsworthy.

"The most important thing is the photos have to look good. Everyone's saying she's [Barbie Hsu] becoming fatter recently. She's actually very thin and definitely not pregnant. The reporter took the picture from bottom up [making her look fat]," Dee explained.

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