Beauty Kings

Come take a catwalk on the wild side, and discover how, for men as well as women, beauty is only skin deep and vanity is never fair.

How far will a man go to prove his manhood?

Ten years ago, a sordid sex scandal rocked the glamorous world of male pageants, causing it to end in tragedy.

This year, Adam, an intrepid journalist, infiltrates Mr.Man's competition on a dark quest for answers, but only finds more questions. Benny, the boy next door's materialistic girlfriend wants Mister Man more than her man. Young and hopeful Don has his eyes on the prize, but will he get his chance before a smear campaign wipes him out? And, who are the mysterious couple who runs the pageant?

Written by Dick Lee, directed by Jonathan Lim, and starring Lim Yu-beng, Rodney Oliveiro, Judee Tan, Karen Tan, Kaeng Chan and Eli Tee, Beauty Kings is inspired by the scandalous history of Singapore male beauty pageants in the nineties where contestants have alleged pageant organizers of molest and sexual harassment.

Beauty Kings