Cynthia Wang

Text & Photos: Joelle Chong
Videos: Fiona Lin & Teng Siew Eng

Taiwanese actress Cynthia Wang appears to be right at home in Singapore -- especially with her love for crabs and shoes.

Together with the cast of upcoming Ch8 drama Devotion, which included Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Terence Cao, Aileen Tan, Yao Wen Long, Zhou Ying, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Jeffrey Xu and Adeline Lim, Cynthia attended the press conference held at Goodwood Park Hotel on Jun 20.

During the interview with xinmsn, the actress said that one reason she chose to act in Devotion, was she would have to be based in Singapore temporarily.

"I knew nothing about Singapore, except that it's really hot; but I really liked the script and it offered me a chance to work overseas, I took it up immediately," Cynthia said.

The actress had never acted in an overseas production previously. She had appeared in Taiwanese idol dramas such as Momo Love -- alongside Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang, singers Cyndi Wang and Huang Jing Lun -- and Four Gifts, where she snagged the leading female role.

In Devotion, Cynthia portrays the rebellious Lin Shan Shan, one of Ah Di's (played by Zoe Tay) adopted children, who is involved in a love triangle with her adopted brother Shuang Jie (played by Zhang Zhen Huan) and adopted sister Si Wen (played by Kate Pang).

Cynthia Wang