Wu Chun

After months of speculations, it is now official -- Wu Chun will be taking his leave from boy band Fahrenheit.

It is believed that the actor would be signed under the same company as Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro and would focus on making movies.

Wu Chun's current management company HIM International made the announcement yesterday.

"Wu Chun hopes to have more time to be with his family. He also has no interest in singing and hopes to focus more on acting. He will be leaving Fahrenheit," the rep said.

HIM International further explained that Wu Chun "had made his intentions known at the beginning of the year", although they had tried to persuade him to stay.

However, Wu Chun was adamant about leaving and the company respected his decision.

"Fahrenheit will not disband," HIM emphasised, "Preparation for a new album is currently in the works."

A tabloid had speculated that Wu Chun is already married with a four-month-old daughter in Brunei. His departure from Fahrenheit sparks off another round of rumours that he already has a family.

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