Lee Eun Mee

Lee Eun Mee, 24, a member of the all-girl Korean group IRIS, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend last Sunday.

The singer, who had been dating the man, who is four years her senior, was believed to have initiated a breakup. The couple had previously discussed marriage plans.

Unable to accept the fact, the man reportedly begged Eun Mee for a second chance, but was turned down repeatedly.

Last Sunday, on her way home, Eun Mee met her boyfriend, who attempted to reconcile with her yet again.

However, both ended up in a heated argument. The man allegedly took out a knife and stabbed her in the stomach 65 times. The singer died on the spot.

Upon witnessing the incident, Eun Mee's neighbours called the police immediately and had the man arrested.

The man pleaded guilty and claimed that he did so because Eun Mee was seeing someone else.

Although IRIS wasn't very popular in Korea, the singer who joined the showbiz in 2005, had a big fan base due to her sweet looks.

Eun Mee's friends and fans are shocked by her sudden death. Korean netizens had left comments on her blog, saying that it was a pity that she had passed away at a young age.