Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung has incurred the wrath of estranged husband, Nicholas Tse again.

The actor was reportedly unhappy that Cecilia had allowed her makeup artist friend, Rick Chin to take care of their two sons.

A few days ago, Rick posted a picture of him with Lucas and Quintus, following a comment saying that Cecilia had left her sons in his care. He also mentioned that Cecilia was "very troublesome", as she called him almost every hour to check on her sons.

This was said to have upset Nicholas, with him questioning why their sons were not left in the care of Cecilia's family members instead.

However Rick clarified later that he was not there to babysit the boys, but was asked by Cecilia to spend some time with her sons when he's free.

It was believed that as Cecilia's trip to Germany was a short one, she did not make any special arrangements for the care of the two boys.

The actress had reportedly asked her mum and step-sister to help take care of her two sons when she heads to China next month for the filming of her new movie The Lion Roars 2.

In related reports, Nicholas is believed to have served divorce papers to Cecilia before she left for Europe.

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