Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung had stopped loving husband Nicholas Tse for some time.

So says, Chen Lan whose husband, Hong Kong producer Charles Heung gave Cecilia her break in showbiz.

Yesterday, Chen Lan revealed that Nicholas had given Cecilia the cold shoulder after she was embroiled in the sex photo scandal with singer-actor Edison Chen. The actress had then contemplated jumping off a building with her eldest son, Lucas.

Chen Lan revealed that during that period, Cecilia went to see her about her grievances.

"Cecilia was lost and depressed. Nicholas locked himself in the room and refused to talk to her. At that time, Cecilia wanted to commit suicide with her son, and I advised her against it," Chen Lan said.

She added that Cecilia forgave Edison after she found religion and that Cecilia's marriage with Nicholas had ended long before the actress met Edison on the same flight.

"Cecilia said that her marital woes had nothing to do with her in-flight meeting with Edison. It was Nicholas who changed after he won the Best Actor award [at the Hong Kong Film Awards]. That was when Cecilia felt that she had enough and moved out.

"Cecilia also told me that she does not love Nicholas anymore," Chen Lan added.

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