Deborah Li Cecilia Cheung

How far will Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung go to win the custody of their sons?

Following the batch of photos of Nicholas playing with Lucas during their Macau trip, a three-minute long video clip of Cecilia accompanying Lucas at a school's Christmas event last year surfaced two days ago.

In the video, the motherly side of Cecilia was seen as she joined the other parents in a game with their children. She was also on a constant look out for Lucas and encouraged him to play with the other kids.

It seems like both parties are going all out for their sons' custody.

At the same time, rumours about Nicholas and Cecilia having separated continue to circulate. The actor, reportedly will not stay at his marital home at Yang Ming Shan when he returns to Hong Kong on Friday.

Nicholas is also rumoured to give Cecilia half of his assets to thank her for everything that she had done over the past five years, as well as to prove that he still loves his wife.

In other news, a Hong Kong magazine recently published a photo of Nicholas' mother Deborah Li with a bruised nose. The veteran actress had refused to comment on how she was hurt.

The same magazine also insinuated that Deborah had been putting up with Cecilia and her family's rude and brutal attitude, suggesting that the actress' family might had beaten Deborah up.

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