Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Joelle Chong & Joy Goh
Video: Tay Yixuan

Gurmit Singh

Instead of testing his agility and physical endurance with complex moves like last year's parkour performance at the President Star Charity show, Gurmit Singh will be flexing his vocal capabilities with his three other "homies" (Hossan Leong, Sheikh Haikel, and Daren Tan) in a '4 Chord medley' performance this year.

For the comedian who was missing in action for the past three months due to a leg injury sustained from a soccer game, this will be his "comeback" performance. And contrary to speculations that churned from the rumour mill, Gurmit is still working in MediaCorp and based in Singapore.

Speaking on the errant rumours of his non-existent departure, he recalled, "There was a rumour floating around that I migrated to Canada. Really! Someone came up to me and asked 'Eh, you migrated to Canada is it?'"

Apart from that, a stranger even asked Gurmit if he had "resigned already" when he bought food from a local food centre recently.

In an interview with xinmsn at the press conference for PSC 2011, the 46-year-old actor-host shared that he had to undergo surgery and now has a titanium plate and eight titanium screws in his right ankle.

Still undergoing physiotherapy sessions, the first meeting for the four chord medley performance was held at Gurmit's house with the comedian "lying down". The quartet is set to perform a string of 35 songs that share the same four chords -- ranging from James Blunt to Ken and Barbie and Lady Gaga -- in five minutes.