Cecilia Cheung

What would you do if you were fighting for your sons' custody?

According to the Hong Kong media, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung missed their only opportunity to make nice last Friday.

When Cecilia took leave from the shoot of her new movie The Lion Roars 2 to return to Hong Kong, she had hoped to discuss the state of her marriage with Nicholas. But little did she expect to get the cold shoulder from her husband who chose to only play with their sons.

A few days ago, a disappointed Cecilia headed to Shenzhen with her father to take part in a ceremony where the actress acknowledged a China politician as her godfather.

A netizen who claimed to have witnessed the ceremony said, despite having lost weight, Cecilia looked very happy throughout the ceremony.

The politician is believed to have met Cecilia through a friend a few years ago, and had always wanted to acknowledge the actress as his god-daughter. Cecilia finally agreed to his request this year.

According to an insider, Cecilia respects her godfather and would always go to him whenever she is unhappy.

Cecilia was rumoured recently to release a biography which will be published by her godfather.

Apart from Cecilia's experience as an actress, the book will feature her love life, with her romance with Nicholas as the highlight.

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