Cecilia Cheung

According to the Taiwanese media, Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's divorce seems inevitable.

However, Cecilia, who initiated divorce, has refused to sign the divorce papers.

Recently, it was reported that the actress had texted her mother-in-law, asking for reconciliation.

"Cecilia contacted Deborah Li to apologise and ask for forgiveness two days ago. She said she never wanted her family to shatter," an insider said.

The Hong Kong media also reported that Cecilia was even willing to nominate her estranged husband Nicholas as the owner of the new luxury apartment she had just bought.

The actress was said to be giving up the apartment -- which Nicholas bought as their love nest -- at Ocean Bay willingly, to prove that she prioritises her family and "didn't want any money".

In other related reports, the couple's eldest son Lucas would be celebrating his fourth birthday on Aug 2.

The day would be Cecilia's last chance to save her marriage, and the actress had taken leave from the set of her new movie The Lion Roars 2 to return to Hong Kong, so as to prepare a birthday bash for her son.

Cecilia had even invited Nicholas, Deborah, Patrick Tse and her sister-in-law Jennifer Tse to the birthday party. It is believed that Nicholas had discussed birthday plans with Cecilia over the phone.

On the other hand, Nicholas's parents -- who are worried about the couple's marriage -- have reportedly been persuading Nicholas to reconcile with Cecilia, claiming that he should think of his sons' feelings.

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