Tony Sun and Angel Han

Taiwanese actor Tony Sun successfully proposed to his girlfriend Angel Han in April.

On Aug 3, the loving couple was spotted at a mall. Tony was decked in a T-shirt and a cap, while Angel was spotted in a sleeveless shirt and shorts and did not have any makeup on. The actress, who used to weight 48kg, was noticeably plumper, fuelling speculations that she was pregnant.

The couple first went to the cosmetics department and bought skin care products before heading to the food court for sushi. They sat next to each other and would whisper to each other at time, looking very much in love.

Angel also had a very good appetite, as she ate one plate after another. After the meal, the actress made a gag-reflex -- common in pregnant women -- burping into a piece of tissue paper.

Later, Tony and Angel continued their stroll in the mall. Tony held Angel's waist the whole time and hugged her from behind when they were going down the escalator.

The couple was about to go shopping for groceries when they realised they were being tailed by paparazzi. They headed for the car park instead. A reporter approached the couple and told them not to be nervous.

"I'm not nervous. I think you're more nervous than I am," Tony said.

When asked if Angel was pregnant, Tony answered on his girlfriend's behalf, "I've already said she's not pregnant."

Tony denied they would be tying the knot on December 24 this year, claiming that they "would be getting married next year".

That night, Tony updated his microblog and emphasised that Angel was not pregnant.

"If all goes well, I hope we can be registered this year and hold a belated wedding next year! This should be clear enough," the actor wrote.

He also uploaded a photo of them in matching shirts. However, he later deleted the post.

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