Ming Dao and girlfriend

Taiwanese actor Ming Dao has been caught in countless relationship rumours ever since he entered showbiz.

While he never admitted if he was in a relationship, the paparazzi spotted the actor dining with a girl on Chinese Valentines' Day.

On Aug 6, Ming Dao appeared with the girl at Canoviano, an Italian restaurant on Jian Guo Road.

It is said that the restaurant only served lovers set meal that day, and the cheapest course would cost them NT$2000 (SGD$84). The pair was seen chatting as they dine and appeared to share a close relationship with each other.

On Aug 8, Ming Dao and the girl -- who resembled Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun-Mei -- was spotted yet again.

The pair was dining at a steamboat restaurant on Bao Qing street when the playful girl placed her helmet on Ming Dao's head. The shy actor blushed and took off the helmet hurriedly with a look of happiness on his face.

Actor Leon Dai, who was with the couple, smiled helplessly as he watched their playful banter.

The group then entered a car workshop and Ming Dao, who saw a makeshift fitness bar in the workshop, proceeded to hang onto the bar, asking his girlfriend to hop onto his back. The actor did a pull-up, with the girl holding onto him tightly. A few seconds later, Ming Dao let go of the bar and the pair fell onto the ground.

Responding to Ming Dao's date, the actor's manager replied, "They are friends who have known each other for a long time. They didn't know it's the Chinese Valentines' Day. It's normal for two friends to have dinner together."

Ming Dao and girlfriend