Rene Liu, Zhong Shi

41-year-old Taiwan singer Rene Liu has tied the knot.

On Aug 8, a netizen revealed on his microblog that Rene would be marrying her boyfriend from Zhejiang, China this week and that the couple would hold a wedding at the end of the year.

Many netizens forwarded the post and commented on it. While it was a shocking piece of news for some, others thought it was a hoax.

A day later (Aug 9), Rene announced on her official website that she has tied the knot.

"Yes, I'm married. I've received your well wishes. I thank everyone for your concern," she wrote.

Her post received countless comments from her fans offering well-wishes, while her good friend and singer Shin immediately replied, "There would come a day when the little girl would grow up too. Milk Tea [Rene's nickname], I wish you happiness."

Rene's manager verified the news and added that those who knew the singer would know she prefers to keep a low profile and is very protective of her privacy. Therefore, a public wedding ceremony is unlikely to happen.

It was also reported that the singer will continue her music career and reside in Beijing after her marriage.

Zhong Shi, Rene's husband, a rich businessman in Zhejiang, is reportedly two years younger than her. He works in the financial industry and owns assets that are worth millions of dollars. Zhong is also a friend of Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei.

Netizens revealed that Rene and Zhong Shi registered their marriage on August 8 in Beijing.

Zhong Shi, director Doze Niu and Wang Xiaofei

Zhong Shi, director Doze Niu and Wang Xiaofei