Brandon Wong

MediaCorp actor Brandon Wong specially selected an auspicious date -- Aug 8 - to welcome his second son.

Brandon, who became a Singaporean citizen in 2009, chose the day so that his newborn son would be in time to celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday. The family of four also watched the National Day fireworks together at Raffles Hotel.

When xinmsn met up with Brandon in June, during the lensing ceremony for Ch8's upcoming drama Love Thy Neighbour, his pregnant wife was due to deliver on Aug 18. However, due to placenta sag, Brandon's wife had to undergo a Caesarean section.

Due to the surgery, doctors had prepared several packs of blood to cope with risks of prolonged bleeding. Brandon added that his wife might even have to remove her uterus if things go awry.

Brandon was very worried about his wife's safety this time as their eldest son was born by natural childbirth. But now that both his wife and newborn son are safe, the actor can finally stop worrying.

Brandon Wong and family