Rainie Yang & Kingone Wang

Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang is on a roll.

The actress's drama While We Were Drunk, which is currently airing in Taiwan, secured the top spot in ratings and brought on a wave of new endorsements. Rainie's latest album Longing For also recently topped the music charts.

Previously, it was rumoured that Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang -- actress Rainie's co-star in While We Were Drunk -- is currently courting her and even broke up with his long-time girlfriend in hopes of winning her heart successfully.

However, a Taiwanese tabloid reported that Rainie's heart already belongs to fellow actor Kingone Wang.

On Jul 7, Rainie was spotted drinking with Kingone at a club. Rainie appeared to be a little tipsy when they left in the place and the starlet was later spotted leaving in Kingone's car.

Rumours between Rainie and Kingone started after the pair worked together on dramas Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.

Kingone reportedly visited Rainie, when she filmed Miss No Good in 2008 and vice versa when the latter supposedly visited the actor when he was drafted for national service.

Responding to the rumour, Rainie said that she has always maintained a good relationship with Kingone.

"I like working with him. We really have a lot of chemistry off-screen," the actress admitted.