Wong Hei

It has been 17 months since TVB senior executive Stephen Chan was embroiled in a corruption scandal in March 2010.

While most TVB artistes maintained their distance with Stephen -- due to political reasons -- only actor Wong Hei stood by his friend loyally and accompanied him in court. The actor prayed for his well-being and even openly declared that he would sell his own house to pay for Stephen's legal fees.

However, ongoing investigations have placed a toll on Wong's career.

Due to his close friendship with Stephen, he got into the bad books of Stephen's rival and fellow TVB senior executive Virginia Lok, who heads the artiste management department.

Wong, who had previously starred in three installments of Burning Flame, did not receive any offers to act in any TVB dramas this year. The actor only hosted a 10-episode variety programme and received a workload less than that of a third-grade actor.

Recently, when Wong was filming his variety show, it conflicted with his other jobs. The artiste management department unexpectedly asked Wong to pay a penalty fee to have his contract terminated early, since it would expire next month.

In other words, Wong was kicked out of the company.

"I've never imagined they'd suggest that. I don't know how I should react. I told them I'll think about it. The artiste management department had not called back since. We're now at a deadlock," Wong expressed in a media interview.

When asked if his friendship with Stephen was the cause of his predicament, Wong said, "I'll let everyone decide for themselves. Since I'm involved in this, I'm afraid what I say will not be neutral."

Despite working at TVB for 16 years, the actor ended up being kicked out by the company.

Wong sighed, "Since I've been considered worthless, I'd have to accept the fact."

When asked what his plans for the future were, the actor replied, "There will be a place which needs me."

Wong Hei