Lucas Tse

Little Lucas Tse has finally started school.

It was said that the four-year-old is now in school and has his cousin as classmate. His mother, Cecilia Cheung had said earlier that she was going to let Lucas focus on his education. His aunt and Cecilia's elder sister Dai Bi-Zhi would send the children to school daily.

Two days ago, Bi-Zhi was spotted sending Lucas and her daughter to school sometime around noon. She was driving and holding a camera phone, causing speculations that she was providing an update to Cecilia.

Later that afternoon, Lucas was spotted exiting the school compound, in a chef hat, T-shirt, camouflage pants and slippers. He appeared to have settled into school nicely and was seen smiling happily.

His father, Nicholas Tse, had reportedly wanted to take leave from filming duties in China to accompany Lucas to school. However, he was unable to leave until the end of October, because the production crew was rushing to wrap up filming.

In a related report, Nicholas, who reportedly suffered an asthma attack on the set of his latest drama The Next Miracle, is now showing improvement after a friend introduced him to a renowned acupuncturist in Beijing.

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