Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse

Maybe the relationship between Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung isn't as bad as it seems to be.

According to the Hong Kong media, Nicholas left for Beijing to film his new drama The Next Miracle, as soon as the divorce details with Cecilia were finalised. Later, he suffered an asthma attack on set, although the actor refused to take leave from filming.

Coincidentally, Cecilia was invited to the same city at the same time, to attend the opening ceremony for veteran actor Zhao Benshan's restaurant.

An insider revealed that after Cecilia found out that Nicholas had an asthma attack, the actress had been sending text messages and asking after him. While the two might have appeared to be cold to each other on the surface, they were said to be keeping in contact with each other secretly.

Yesterday, Nicholas -- decked in a pair of thick-framed glasses and tuxedo -- attended the press conference for The Next Miracle with his co-star and good friend Dicky Cheung. When reporters probed if he had met with Cecilia in Beijing, the actor became sullen and declined to comment.

Nicholas left hurriedly when the press conference ended, leaving Dicky alone at the venue.

When Dicky -- who is also Nicholas's mother Deborah Li's godson -- was asked to comment on Nicholas and Cecilia's marital woes, the actor said that they would only discuss work and not personal issues.

However, Dicky felt that Nicholas had matured a lot this year. As a friend of both Nicholas and Cecilia, the actor believed that the pair can handle their family matters as mature adults. Dicky also hoped that Nicholas and Cecilia could remain friends despite parting ways.

When reporters contacted Cecilia's manager to ask about the filming progress of the actress's new movie The Lion Roars 2, he revealed that Cecilia is currently in Beijing. He added that he is unclear about Cecilia's recent activities and would not comment further as he had left Beijing earlier due to other obligations.

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