Scandal-hit Raymond Lam makes the news again.

Amid fresh scars from the photo scandal with model Pan Shuang Shuang earlier in March, the Hong Kong TVB actor is recently rumoured to have hooked up with another lady, Fang Fang, from Xiamen, China.

Like Shuang Shuang, Fang Fang has sharp features, a voluptuous body, is in her 20s, and loves to take pictures.

The rumoured relationship came to light when Fang Fang posted a number of pictures she took at Raymond's apartment on her microblog, the latest of which was dated August 12. In the pictures, Fang Fang was seen admiring Raymond's trophy from the Ultimate Song Chart Awards.

The actor was said to have met Fang Fang before he started going out with Shuang Shuang. Raymond would reportedly visit Fang Fang's bar upon his return to Xiamen each time. The rumoured couple seemed to be able to get along as they are from the same hometown.

According to media reports, Fang Fang would acknowledge Raymond as her boyfriend whenever they are in the company of friends.

In a series of luxury furniture photos posted in March, Fang Fang wrote "The furniture is in. Aren't they beautiful, hubby?" The captions seemingly hinted on their close relationship and that Raymond had bought new furniture for Fang Fang, after his breakup with Shuang Shuang. The former also confessed on her blog that she is a fan of luxury goods.

Meanwhile, Rose Chan, who was reportedly romantically linked to Raymond, and the actor's former lover Shuang Shuang have both chosen to keep silence on the scandal. The latter said, "I don't know (Fang Fang). As to (Raymond), he is nothing to me."

The actor's management has since refused to comment on the issue.