Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung's mother was spotted dining with friends last month, and was overheard badmouthing Cecilia's ex-husband Nicholas Tse and his mother Deborah Li.

The matriarch first let on that the Tse family depended solely on Nicholas's income and emphasised she "did not like spending my daughter's money".

"Cecilia is having a hard time, I don't even dare to bug her," she complained.

Mrs Cheung later got carried away in the conversation and turned her attention to the Tse family.

"I'm a straightforward person. I always say what's on my mind. The members of the family are all actors and have two personalities. My daughter's right about them," she said, adding that Deborah did not respect her.

Commenting on Deborah's complaint that she rarely saw her grandsons, Mrs Cheung insisted that "there had been many chances" and added that she have been taking good care of Lucas and Quintus.

After their divorce, Cecilia and Nicholas have been working hard to care for their sons Lucas and Quintus.

However, Cecilia is often too busy with work and has little time to spare for her sons. Worried that her children will be bored, the actress bought three puppies for them, which caused her eldest son Lucas to suffer an asthma attack.

"Nicholas has asthma, so both of them were worried that Lucas might inherit the illness. However, Lucas never showed any symptoms from the day he was born. A few days after Cecilia bought the three puppies, Lucas felt uncomfortable. After a checkup, Lucas was diagnosed with asthma, which was [developed due to genes he] inherited. Cecilia then asked her mother to take the puppies away," an insider said.

"[Lucas's] asthma was inherited from their family [genes], it's none of our business," Cecilia's mother said.