Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan

In August, singer Jay Chou toured Europe with girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan, celebrating the model's 18th birthday. The pair was even photographed hugging each other intimately at a pier.

Recently, it was rumoured that the pair had already registered for marriage when they were in Europe.

According to the report, in a previous interview, Jay mentioned that he would like to start a family in three years, while Hannah had also publicly admitted that she had thought about marriage. The pair, who had been dating for 10 months back then, had reportedly registered for marriage while in Europe.

An insider revealed that the couple had no plans to get married before they left for Europe. They had decided to tie the knot only after they arrived there.

"Hannah might be very young, but she understands what Jay wants and knows how to make Mrs Chou (Jay's mother) happy. Getting married [to Jay] is just a matter of time," the insider said.

When Jay was in Singapore for a performance recently, the singer suddenly asked to the audience, "Will you still listen to my songs, if I'm married?" as if to suss out his fans' reactions.

Jay later toured Japan with his mother and Hannah. However, the supposed honeymoon was cut short when a netizen spotted them.

Responding to the report, Jay's recording company said that they had "no idea" what was going on, but did not deny the report.

In other related news, several members of the public spotted Jay shooting a commercial yesterday. Despite having the venue surrounded by black cloth and tight security, it was said that the female lead of the commercial was Hannah.

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