Karen Mok

Hong Kong singer Karen Mok married her 41-year-old German boyfriend Johannes in Florence, Italy on Oct 1.

At 2pm yesterday, the singer was spotted in Hong Kong for the first time after her wedding. She was there to promote her upcoming movie The Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011.

Decked in casual clothes, Karen shyly answered "yes" when asked if she found it hard to leave her husband.

She also let on that she "currently has no plans to give birth".

The singer later revealed that she will be holding a banquet in Hong Kong on Dec 18, because many of her friends in Hong Kong could not attend her wedding, due to a lack of space at the place where she wedded Johannes.

When asked if she would invite old flames and actors Stephen Chow and Stephen Fung, Karen replied awkwardly, "I haven't come up with a guest list yet, but I will invite people from showbiz, close friends and old classmates."

She added that all monetary gifts received at the wedding banquet will be donated to charity.

"I don't know if I have the time for a vacation, but my husband is used to spending white Christmases," Karen replied, when asked if she would be spending Christmas in Hong Kong.

The singer also let on that she would not reduce her workload after marriage because she loves her job.