Edison Chen and Cammi Xie

After flirtatious text messages and steamy photos of Hong Kong singer Edison Chen and model Cammi Xie were leaked to the public, Cammi revealed a shocking piece of information two days ago.

The pair had reportedly frequently flirted through text messages. Edison would flatter Cammi with his honeyed words and had once reminded the model to "rmb tmr to bring ur real uni N swimsuit N cutecute clothing (sic)", to his place for a photo shoot.

Edison, who likes taking photographs, would take the photos from various angles including climbing up to different heights to shoot them. He had even filmed a two-minute erotic clip of themselves.

When reporters questioned if she had lost her virginity to Edison, Cammi cried and nodded silently.

Cammi said that she merely followed Edison's instructions, only because she thought the singer "truly loved her and would delete the photos thereafter".

"He coaxed me into filming, saying that it was for work purposes. All I can say is, it's considered an erotic film, but I had my clothes on during the entire process," the model let on.

However, Cammi went back on her words when she was interviewed yesterday. The model denied sleeping with Edison and said that she was willing to prove her virginity by going for a check-up.

Cammi also denied the existence of an erotic film, claiming that she was only "watching television" at Edison's house.

Her differing statements caused the public to speculate that the model was merely using the issue as a publicity stunt. Some netizens had even defaced her photographs.

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