A Song To Remember

Married couple Alan Tern and Priscelia Chan, who last played an on-screen couple in Channel 8 drama Priceless Wonder, pairs up again as husband and wife in latest drama A Song To Remember.

Set in the 1930s - 40s, A Song To Remember is about Singapore's cabaret performances of the past. The series tells an infighting tale between a dance troupe's two major lead singers Yu Hong (Joanne Peh) and Song Qiao Er (Evelyn Kok).

The star-studded cast include Qi Yu Wu, Joanne Peh, Evelyn Kok, Chen Han Wei, Desmond Tan, Julie Tan, Cynthia Koh, May Phua, Pan Ling Ling, Alan Tern, Priscelia Chan, Wang Yu Qing and Jin Yin Ji.

During an interview with xinmsn at the press conference of the drama, Alan revealed that he would be hitting and scolding his wife, Priscelia, often in the drama.

"Perhaps it's an opportunity, since I don't have the chance to hit her in reality; I did so on set!" Alan joked.

In A Song To Remember, he plays Huang Jin Tu, a lazy opium addict who spends his day smoking opium, while wife Fan Shu Sao (Priscelia) toils hard to care for their family.

A Song To Remember

Coincidentally, this is not the first time that the real life couple will be playing a pair of dysfunctional husband and wife.

"In our previous collaboration, we played a pair of quarrelling couple, only this time, there is violence involved. He (the character) is also very mean to his wife. But this really helps me to get immersed in my role easily because I get confused when he plays a good guy (like in real life)!"