Vivi Xu

Actress Vivi Xu, who portrayed Dao Ming Si (played by actor Jerry Yan)'s elder sister in the Taiwanese adaptation of drama Meteor Garden, passed away at 9am on Dec 6, at the age of 41.

In 2008, Vivi -- who had been suffering from stomach ulcer for a long time -- was diagnosed with third stage stomach cancer. The actress underwent an operation to remove the growth and managed to contain her illness.

Although she was still suffering from the effects of the cancer after the procedure, the actress lived a positive life. She even became the ambassador of cancer awareness and participated in various charitable works.

Unfortunately, Vivi's condition worsened on Dec 1, and her cancer cells had already spread to most of her organs.

The actress passed away on Dec 6, at 9am.

Vivi's husband Tang Wei Shi remained by her side until her passing.

The couple was very close. Vivi's husband supported her throughout her illness.

Wei Shi was married when they met. They were in relationship for five years before the couple finally tied the knot in 2009.

Wei Shi and Vivi had planned to have two children initially. However, after the actress's health deteriorated last year, the pair was unable to fulfill their dream of having children.

Vivi Xu