Selina Jen

S.H.E. member Selina Jen and Richard Chang will be holding a Buddhist wedding ceremony in Changhua county tomorrow.

Yesterday, a photo of the Taiwanese starlet wearing with a pressure head gear, sitting atop an exercise bicycle -- which was supposed to be included in the inlay of her upcoming album -- was leaked to the public.

Last October, Selina was severely burnt on the set of now-axed drama I Have a Date with Spring. Her father-in-law Chang Shih Liang offered prayers back in January at a Buddhist temple for Selina's speedy recovery.

According to Selina's close friend, thanks to Selina's father-in-law's prayers, the singer made progress during her physiotherapy sessions. Hence, at 5pm tomorrow, Selina and Richard will be bringing flowers and fruits to the temple, to offer thanks.

Selina's mini album Another Dream will also be released tomorrow. Seven photos of the singer at her physiotherapy sessions are included in the album. In one of the photos, Selina wore a pressure head gear, which revealed only her eyes, nose and mouth.

The photo made its way online. Fans who saw the picture, immediately symphathised with the singer, leaving messages like, "How much pain did you go through?".

Richard had once called Selina "Spider-man" on his microblog, back in February. It turned out that Selina had worn the pressure head gear then, to treat the scars on her chin, eyes and brows. However, at that time, no one knew he was referring to his wife.

The pressure head gear is reportedly so tight-fitting that it was difficult for Selina to open her eyes, or talk. It was so uncomfortable that the singer would rather live with her scars than wear the head gear. Selina had stopped wearing it since June.

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