Calvin Chen and Joanne tseng

Taiwanese actors Joanne Tseng and Calvin Chen were rumoured to be dating each other after working on idol drama Love Buffet. Then, it was believed that the pair's relationship was purely a promotional stunt for the drama.

Back in August, when Joanne was in Singapore, she spoke of her past relationship with Calvin. The actress also revealed that she cried for a month when they split.

Later, Calvin denied the report, causing Joanne to claim that it was just a misunderstanding and thus confusing their fans.

However, an insider revealed that the pair did not break up but had carried on their relationship in secret. Responding to the claim, Joanne said, "There's nothing going on, I don't want to be seen as someone desperate."

On the other hand, Calvin gave his usual reply, "We're just friends, so there's no such thing as a break up."

Joanne will move to Tienmu, Taipei next year, where Calvin is currently staying.

Joanne expressed that she had always kept contact with Calvin, adding, "I don't deny we have a lot more to talk about because of Tienmu. [I] bought the place a few years ago, but I'm still paying the monthly installment. Please give me some acting gigs."

When asked why she was willing to be a secret girlfriend, the 23-year-old actress -- who joined showbiz when she was 13 years old -- joked, "I'm also in showbiz, so he's also a secret boyfriend!"