Joyce Cheng & Ron Ng

Chinese model Zhang Xinyi's unauthorised use of her boyfriend's - - TVB actor Ron Ng - - microblog to post a photo of her in bed recently became the talk of the town.

In a recent interview, Joyce Cheng, the daughter of veteran actor Adam Cheng and the late actress Lydia Sum, revealed she took and uploaded a similar photo as Xinyu on the same day.

Joyce was not aware of what Xinyu did when she uploaded the photo.

"I didn't know it's (the relationship between Xinyu and Ron) ongoing. Ron and I actually have a history too, so I think that it's interesting," she said.

However, Joyce added that her relationship with Ron did not last long and they broke up because of the pressure from the public.

Back in 2005, it was rumoured that Joyce and Ron were dating each other, after the 24-year-old kissed Ron on the cheek during a performance.

At an awards presentation then, Ron and Joyce performed together, playing prince and princess.

During the performance, the actress kissed Ron on the cheek, causing dissatisfaction amongst the viewers.

At the time, TVB received hundreds of complaint calls. Some callers said Joyce portraying a princess scared children, while Ron's fans called Joyce shameless, because she confessed her love for the actor publicly.

Joyce Cheng