Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan, who will be entering the army in February, is currently promoting his new movie Love.

Recently, the production crew of Love released a series of behind-the-scenes footages of various actors in the movie, including Eddie Peng and Vicki Zhao.

On Dec 29, they unveiled Ethan's footage, in which he was completely nude.

At the beginning of the video clip, the actor asked, "Are you going to ask how I feel about being a porn star?"

The video later showed good friend Joe Chen, whom he worked with on idol drama Fated to Love You, visiting him on set.

According to the video, Ethan was serious and passionate about his work, and would make sure he was well prepared for his role. The crew also let on that regardless of how late they worked, or how tense the mood on set was, Ethan could always warmed the atmosphere with his smile and consideration for others.

The video clip also showed Ethan and Mark Chao rolling in bed, prompting the former to ask shyly, "Why did you do this? I feel used."

Mark laughed and chided, "Nonsense!"

At the end of the footage, Ethan, who was completely nude, was caught on camera. The playful crew even took photos of the naked actor, causing him to remark, "That's too much!"

Ethan's nude clip not only generated buzz for the movie, but also earned the actor the title of No. 1 eye-candy. His clip had since gone viral online.

Ethan Ruan