Jessica Hester Hsuan

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan, who is currently filming a drama series in China, was called a "big shot" by her co-star Wang Zhao Xiang. The actor also claimed that she is a bully.

Furious with the allegations, Jessica released a statement yesterday refuting the claims and instead listed the production team's seven wrongdoings.

She wrote: "This is the only time I've faced so much problems throughout my acting career. I refused to be used as a publicity stunt. I don't want to argue either, but I feel unjust about being accused. Hence, this will be my only response."

Jessica claimed that the production crew had made use of her fans, forced her to attend various meal appointments, used her name to rent locations, delayed her payment, ignored her existence, told lies and disturbed her family.

The actress also addressed Zhao Xiang's accusations of her being a 'big shot'.

Jessica shot back saying that someone was "fake" and added that she "is not a big star, but just a nobody, when compared to those who put on airs".

When interviewed about her recent job in China, Jessica explained calmly, "I didn't even receive basic respect in these two months. There were a lot of unnecessary dinner appointments, which I declined. The production crew also invited my fans to visit on-set, but they later complained that they were forced to hold up another artiste's placard."

The actress said that she did not plan to take any legal action and believes her statement is sufficient to clear her reputation. She also did not dismiss the possibility of working with another Chinese production crew in future.