Andy Lau

Hong Kong veteran singer Andy Lau has always kept a very low profile when it comes to his personal life.

However, after winning the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Awards last year, Andy announced that he will soon become a father. Lately, the singer even admitted that his Malaysian ex-beauty queen wife Carol Chu is four months pregnant.

Andy's initial refusal to disclose the gender of his child led to speculations that it was highly possible that Carol is pregnant with a baby girl; there were also rumours which said that she is pregnant with triplets.

According to a recent Hong Kong magazine report, Andy accompanied his wife for a checkup last week and requested the doctor to use the 4D structural ultrasound, which shows clear, real-time images, to determine the gender of the baby.

During the checkup, the singer asked impatiently, "Is it a boy or a girl? Will the baby have a hooked nose like me?"

When the doctor said, "If I'm not mistaken, it's a boy," Andy was so happy that he broke into bouts of hearty laughter.

It is said that Carol will deliver her baby in Hong Kong and to keep his schedule free, Andy reportedly rejected a number of film offers, making a loss of KH$380 million (S$3.08 million).

The singer will be able to spend more time with his wife after February, when he completes the two movies he has on hand.

Andy was also rumoured to have hired Hong Kong's famous gynaecologist He Yong Chao, to help deliver the child.

When asked to clarify the report, the doctor smiled and said, "It's inconvenient for me to comment."

When contacted, Andy's spokesperson in Taiwan expressed, "We do not comment on our artiste's personal life. Thank you for your concern."

The 50-year-old singer and his wife tried various methods, before Carol successfully conceived a baby boy. Hence, the couple has been extra careful in terms of taking preventing measures to protect both mother and child.

Andy not only hired bodyguards, he also engaged two personal nurses to take care of Carol; Andy's mother will also make tonics for her daughter-in-law.

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