Myolie Wu

Last year was a bountiful year for Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, who broke records when she bagged three awards at the TVB Anniversary Awards. She also went public with her relationship with longtime boyfriend Bosco Wong.

At a recent event, Myolie admitted that she felt stressed when her first drama of the year Wish and Switch was aired during the Lunar New Year. However, the actress should have nothing to worry about now, since the drama achieved high ratings.

In the drama, Myolie's character could exchange stuff through a magical website.

When interviewed, the actress smiled and let on that she hoped to turn into Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, because she is pretty and well-liked by people. However, Myolie only wanted to be Kate for a day, because it is best to be herself.

Myolie's upcoming projects include Triumph in the Skies 2, which begins production in May.

When asked if she is confident of clinching the Best Actress award again, the actress replied humbly, "[Winning] didn't cross my mind. I'm already very happy winning it once. What the award had given me is more important, and that's confidence."

Myolie, who has enjoyed success in her career and love life, is full of smiles whenever she talked about her boyfriend.

She complimented Bosco's cooking skills and added that she did not have to wash the dishes after meals. The actress also shared that she would only make carrot cake during the Lunar New Year.

When asked if she would pay Bosco's mother a visit during Lunar New Year, Myolie expressed that she would be "filming in China, and would not be able to do so".

Reporters then probed if the elders in their family had rushed them into tying the knot, to which Myolie laughed and replied, "What era are we in now? We're still young."

One reporter jokingly said that their marriage might bring in many commercial opportunities.

"If that's the case, I'll consider about it," the actress laughed.

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