Stella Huang and husband

Local singer Stella Huang married her husband Armstrong Yeh in Vancouver last August, and a wedding banquet was held in Taiwan in December the same year.

The couple had planned to try for a baby during their honeymoon trip to Maldives. However, in the midst of their honeymoon preparations, Stella noticed that she was "late" and a positive test result on the pregnancy stick later confirmed that she conceived last November.

Stella shared that they were having a family meeting when she did the pregnancy test, and her excited family then requested her to retake the test.

Having completed two of her life's most important events in such a short period, Stella praised her husband, saying, "I can only say my husband is so good that he got it on the first try."

Stella also wished for her baby - whose estimated due date is August 10 - to share the same birthday as her husband on August 8.

She added that the baby's gender is still a mystery as the parts were covered by baby's umbilical cord during the ultrasounds scan.

However, the singer felt that her baby could be a girl, because her brother-in-law's one-year-old son would always point at her tummy and call it "little sister".